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Loss of Income Cover

Covering loss of income through insurance.

Last updated: 30 March 2022

There is no insurance that we are aware of that covers loss of income to an individual following the closure of a business from Covid-19, or any other cause.

If your employer or engager is adequately insured, there is a much greater chance of you receiving payment for work that's been cancelled due to Covid-19. 

Conditions needed for a business to make a claim 

A business must have cover for pandemics as well as government-ordered closure. 

This means that most businesses are unlikely to be covered –  as standard business interruption insurance policies are dependent on damage to property, and will exclude pandemics. 

However, insurance policies differ significantly, so businesses are encouraged to check the terms and conditions of their specific policy and contact their providers. 

Concerned members should contact their Regional Office with individual issues.