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Labour Party Backs a Second Referendum

The Musicians’ Union (MU) welcomes Jeremy Corbyn’s announcement that the Labour Party backs a second referendum, in line with Labour policy decided by members and affiliate trade unions at Labour Party Conference in September.

Published: 28 February 2019 | 12:00 AM Updated: 28 April 2021 | 4:29 PM

The announcement follows a vote in Parliament on Wednesday 27 February, in which MPs from both sides of the House voted to give MPs a say on delaying Brexit if both the Prime Minister’s Deal and No Deal are rejected by MPs on 12 March.

The Musicians’ Union opposes any Brexit that removes freedom of movement for musicians.

We continue to fight for freedom of movement or – at the very least – a touring visa that is simple, admin light, cheap, and covers all EU member states. Any visa must also be reciprocal, so that musicians can work in the EU and EU based musicians can continue to work in the UK.

Concerned about Brexit and how it may affect musicians? Read our guidance on what you need to know, and how you may need to prepare.

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