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Have Your Say on how Music Streaming Affects Music Creators’ Earnings

If you have ten minutes, take part in Music Creators’ Earnings in the Digital Age’s anonymous survey - and help their research into how streaming affects music creators’ earnings.

Published: 10 March 2021 | 5:32 PM Updated: 28 April 2021 | 4:32 PM
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The survey was devised in consultation with representatives of songwriters, composers, performers and producers. Photo credit: Shutterstock

This project examines music creators’ earnings in the streaming age, an issue that is currently under increasing scrutiny from a wide range of perspectives.

Deputy General Secretary Naomi Pohl commented on the important of the survey:

"The MU is on the steering board for this important research project examining creators' earnings in the streaming era. The research project is backed by the IPO and will take an independent look at music industry data, as well as canvassing opinions of industry representatives and creators themselves on the part streaming plays in their careers.

“We hope our members will take the time to fill out this survey, making an important contribution to the study and we look forward to seeing the results".

How to take part

They’re looking for UK-based music creators, at all stages of career, working in all genres to take part in the debate. By answering questions about making money from music in the streaming age, this is a chance to have your say. The questions should take around ten minutes to answer and all contributions are fully anonymous.

The survey was devised in consultation with representatives of songwriters, composers, performers and producers, alongside stakeholders from the recording and music publishing industries.

Take part in this short survey now.

Please make sure you participate before it ends, midnight on Wednesday 24 March 2020.

Who this survey is being run by

The survey has been prepared by AudienceNet, and is funded by a Research England grant to the University of Leeds. This survey is part of the Music Creators’ Earnings in the Digital Age project undertaken by the Universities of Leeds, Middlesex and Ulster, commissioned by the UK Intellectual Property Office, in partnership with the Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre.


We can fix streaming

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We can fix streaming

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