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Busk In London Initiative Given Green Light to Continue This Christmas

Despite the recent reintroduction of mandatory face coverings, festive performances can still continue this year, thanks to the work of Busk in London.

Published: 09 December 2021 | 3:51 PM Updated: 10 December 2021 | 4:54 PM
Red guitar case on street open for donations to busker, crowd out of focus in background
"Busk in London is truly grateful to the team at the MU for their help". Photo credit: Shutterstock

The MU is celebrating the news that after on-going discussions between Busk In London, the British Transport Police and the Department of Transport, a schduled programme of festive events will still go ahead as planned.

Network Rail and Busk In London had originally joined forces to create a Christmas schedule of live music for travellers across London, including King’s Cross station.

However, further to recent Government rules regarding mandatory face coverings on public transport, performances at King’s Cross station were due to be cancelled as authorities required all performers, including singers to be masked. 

Safety Measures

As the festive season provides a vital income stream to many buskers (and given the previous lack of provisions for the industry), the MU supported the thoughtful mitigations agreed by Busk In London and the events team at Kings Cross. These include:

  • Clearly delineated performance spaces
  • 2.5/3 metre distancing
  • The use of Perspex screens
  • The need to provide a negative LFT before attending

In addition the musicians are to be paid directly, which eliminates any further risk of transmission through engagement with the public to take donated payments.

Praise for the MU

Busk In London’s Kate Jones was thankful for the MU’s support and said:

"Timely and considered advice and support from the MU, along with proportionate and careful discussion within a range of agencies including British Transport Police and the Dept of Transport has ensured that using the mitigating measures already common place in the live performance industry, artists may perform in these locations without masks.  Busk in London is truly grateful to the team at the MU for their help and speed in providing a robust and practical response". 


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