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Brexit Deal Voted Down in Parliament for the Third Time

Theresa May’s Brexit deal has today been voted down by the House of Commons. The UK now has until 12 April 2019 to set out its next steps. Any delay beyond 12 April will be dependent on approval from the EU.

Published: 29 March 2019 | 12:00 AM Updated: 28 April 2021 | 4:29 PM
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The Musicians’ Union (MU) welcomes the defeat of the Withdrawal Agreement. We firmly believe that this deal is a bad one for the country and for musicians, because freedom of movement within the EU is so vital to our members’ careers.

We do now, however, urge parliament to come together and consider some of the alternatives put forward last week – notably revoking Article 50 or supporting a People’s Vote. A No Deal Brexit must be avoided at any cost.

MU General Secretary Horace Trubridge says:

“Freedom of movement is vital to musicians’ careers, which is why the MU does not support Theresa May’s deal. Given that a No Deal Brexit would be as disastrous for our members as for the country in general, I urge the government and parliament to go back to the drawing board.

“The MU view is clear. We support revoking Article 50, or a second referendum. Failing that, we might support a different Brexit deal if it protected freedom of movement and involved no reduction in workers’ rights or the rights of EU citizens living in this country.”

Members with queries should refer to our FAQs or contact their regional office.

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