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Podcast: Develop Your Music Business from Home

‘Success Beyond the Score’ is a podcast series from saxophonist, musician, teacher, songwriter and entrepreneur Millicent Stephenson looks at ways that musicians can move ahead in the music business.

Last updated: 01 November 2021

‘Success Beyond the Score’ podcast series

Topics covered by the podcast so far include:

Episodes are released weekly on Mondays, through iTunes and on SoundCloud.

Life from a Musician's Point of View

Another podcast that musicians may be interested in ‘As it Comes Podcast’, hosted by London based cellist Davina Shum this podcast explores life from a musicians point of view – the peaks, the troughs and the unexpected.

Since the UK lockdown, Davina has set up to continue recording the podcast remotely, providing a relatable experience for many musicians across the country.

Listen to episodes of As it Comes Podcast.