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Growing Concern Over the Government’s Hostile Environment Policies Effect on Musicians

The MU is concerned at the growing impact of the Government’s hostile environment policies which are jeopardising musicians’ opportunities to work.

Published: 04 July 2019 | 12:00 AM
Houses of Parliament at night, viewed from bridge
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Since the Conservative Government introduced its hostile policies, musicians seeking to work in the UK are enduring humiliating application processes and visa applications have been delayed or refused forcing musicians to cancel work.

These are the same policies that have seen long-term residents of the UK, including members of the Windrush Generation, denied healthcare, the right to work and even detained or deported.

The MU believes that this situation will only get worse after Brexit.

The right to travel for work is increasingly being restricted, often along racial lines and the UK’s reputation as an international leader in world music is being damaged beyond repair.

The UK is a country that thrives on the breadth of its diversity. Sadly, this is not the image projected beyond our borders due to racist and xenophobic policies.

The Government must dismantle the Hostile Environment policies before the damage to our communities, culture and economy is irreparable.

The MU calls on the Government to establish a more streamlined approach for musicians working in the UK and reciprocal free movement for musicians and performers across the EU's 27 member states, in the form of an exemption from visa rules for performers.

Any member experiencing visa related issues should contact their MU regional office for support.