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Change to Coronavirus Tiers and Update on Schools

How the Government’s announcement about tiers in England and school openings may affect musicians.

Published: 30 December 2020 | 6:45 PM Updated: 30 December 2020 | 7:28 PM
Photograph of assorted instrument lining up to be played in a classroom.
The Government has also announced that primary schools in England are reopening on 4 January but that secondary schools will be likely to have a staggered return. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Further changes have been made to Coronavirus Tiers and members should check which Tier they are now in and then check the MU’s advice on how this affects their work.

The Government has also announced that primary schools in some areas of England will be reopening on 4 January, but primary schools in some areas and secondary schools will be likely to have a staggered return, with the hope that most will be fully operational by 18 January.

Scotland and Wales are planning to restart schooling around a similar date, and the Northern Ireland assembly is still discussing plans.

The MU believes that music education must continue for all children throughout what is likely to be a very disrupted term. However, visiting music teachers with health vulnerabilities or other reasonable concerns must not be made to attend schools against their will, and should instead be supported to teach online.

Where teachers are able to attend schools, they must be supported in implementing covid-secure ways of working. All visiting music teachers should be paid as normal for the full school term. As ever, the MU is willing to work with the DfE, music hubs and schools to find constructive solutions and support safe practice.

Private teaching in person is still currently allowed under all tiers where it supports formal education (e.g. exam preparation), but members should be ready to teach online should government guidance change and restrictions be tightened further.

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