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Action Needed to Protect Music Venue The Stables Under Renewed Threat

Members are urged to write to the Council, after developers seek to by-pass the protective measures put in place by Milton Keynes Council to save established music venue the Stables.

Aerial shot of the Stables venue in rural, green environment.
An aerial shot of the Stables' current rural environment. Photograph: the Stables

A new Reserved Matters application has been submitted for 79 houses to be built on the western side of Buckinghamshire music venue, the Stables. The proximity of these new residential properties will most likely lead to noise complaints and licensing restrictions – putting the Stables under severe threat.

This comes despite Milton Keynes Council previously granting planning permission for the development of 134 houses on the provision that a deed of easement was entered that would protect the Stables.

In response to campaigning by the Stables, strongly supported by the MU and over 3000 complainants, the deed of easement would have provided a way of informing all new residents of the presence of the venue and preventing any private prosecutions against the venue.

The new Reserved Matters Application made by the developers shows nothing to suggest that the Stables will be protected, and does not reference the previous pre-commencement condition for a deed of easement.

Flying in the face of the Agent of Change principle

MU National Organiser Live Performance, Dave Webster responded to this news:

“It seems to be quite clear that the position being taken by the Developers flies in the face of the Agent of Change principle adopted by the UK government into National Planning Policy Framework.

“We urge Milton Keynes council to reject the revised position put forward by the Developers and support The Stables as a key community and nationally important cultural asset.

“We support the Deed of Easement as a practical and pragmatic solution to help protect the Stables as a leading live music performance venue, and the residents of the properties planned to be built nearby."

Act now to protect the Stables

Members are urged to submit their comments on the proposed Reserved Matters application online through Milton Keynes Council’s public access system on their website – locate the relevant application by entering ‘19/01357/REM’ at the bottom of their Simple Search form.

Comments can also be submitted in writing to: Elizabeth Verdegem, Senior Planning Officer, Planning Service, Growth Economy and Culture, 1 Saxon Gate East, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 3EJ.

The Stables have published a template objection letter which you can download from their website.

All comments must be submitted to the Council by Wednesday 19 June. See the Stables’ planning development page for the full story and further updates.

Published: 07/06/2019

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