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How to protect your copyright

On this page you will find information about:

  • How to get proof of ownership
  • The MU’s free Copyright Registration Service
  • Infringement of copyright

It is always useful to have proof of when a particular work was created. You can use it to protect your copyright in any potential dispute about the ‘originality’ or ‘authorship’.

You can get proof by:

  • Depositing a copy with a responsible person and obtaining a dated receipt
  • Posting yourself a copy of the recording/manuscript by Special Delivery and storing it, unopened, in a secure place
  • Using the MU’s free Copyright Registration Service for members:

The Musicians’ Union Copyright Registration Service

Our Copyright Registration Service can help you prove your ownership of your own compositions in the event of infringement.

The MU provides a CD onto which you can record whatever you want to protect — compositions, recordings, lyrics, artwork or data. You then seal the CD in the cover provided and post it to us.

You should also send a second copy to yourself by Special Delivery and keep a third copy for reference. We would advise you to do this as soon as possible after the creation of a new work.

To use this service, please contact your Regional Office.

My copyright has been infringed

Contact your Regional Office immediately. You may be eligible for legal advice or assistance.