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Completing the contracts

Notes to MU Standard contracts L1 and L2

Use these contracts when you are entering into an agreement with a consumer – for example when you’ve been hired for a private function.

When filling out either contract you should bear the following points in mind. But for full advice and assistance on completing any MU contracts, members should contact their Regional Office.

Include all necessary details

Make sure that all details are fully and correctly set out. If you have any additional details, these can be included on a separate sheet. This separate sheet must be signed by both parties and labelled ‘rider to contract’. The contract refers to any additional sheets in its list of conditions.

If you are trading under the guise of a limited company*, or are acting on behalf of another when entering into the contract – and if your registered office address or address of that other person differs from your usual address (e.g. your home address), make sure to include both addresses in the contract.

Again, additional information can be included as an addendum to the contract. You should also make sure telephone numbers are provided at the signature section. Doing this ensures that the consumer has all the necessary contact information to contact you in the event of a problem or complaint.

* Be aware that the Union may not be able to provide legal advice or assistance if the contract is in the name of your Ltd company rather than your own name.

Be specific about the fee

The Fee you put down should include all services and delivery charges, you don’t want the consumer to have any unexpected costs at the end.

If you feel it would be helpful to the consumer, you could include an itemised breakdown of the full fee. For example:

  • The Fee for the actual performance
  • The travel costs
  • Any accommodation/subsistence costs.

Think ahead if you plan to record

Should you agree with the consumer that a recording of the performance can be made, and you plan to sell that digital recording back to the consumer, make sure you agree on a recording format the will be compatible with the consumer’s computer or audio system.

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