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MU Membership Benefits

Become a member of the Musicians’ Union and be part of something bigger.

We are a community of around 32,000 musicians coming together to help each other rise. With access to expert music industry advice and tailored services on demand, together we can help you build a successful career, protect your rights, and make sure you get paid. 

The MU is here for you and only you. Our democratic structure means that it’s musicians who decide what we do – no corporate interests, no agenda.

Find out more about the benefits of an MU membership:

Be free from financial worries

Avoid legal wrangles

Get the recognition you deserve

Join a bigger band

  • The MU is the largest organisation representing musicians in the UK
  • We influence the music industry through our membership of organisations such as UK Music, PPL and the British Copyright Council
  • We work with other unions through the TUC and the Federation of Entertainment Unions to improve your rights
  • The MU has strong links with international governments and musicians’ organisations in order to secure improvements for musicians both here and abroad.

Be sure your voice is heard

  • Keep Music Live campaign to maintain live performance in theatres and beyond
  • Work not Play is    our stand against musicians being asked to work for free
  • Influence over policy in all Parliaments and Assemblies, for example through our parliamentary group
  • Lobbying successes such as the Live Music Act 2012, which has made it easier to put on gigs at grassroots level
Learn more about our campaigns

Be better represented

  • The MU only represents musicians. We are your union.
  • We do not have corporate members, which avoids potential conflicts of interest.
  • In everything we do, from legal cases to lobbying and from campaigns to negotiations, you can be confident that the MU is only ever acting in the interests of you – the musician.
  • We are part of the International Federation of Musicians (FIM), which represents musicians worldwide on issues such as intellectual property and travelling with your instrument.

Ready to become a member?

Just joined the MU. Amazed by all the benefits you get from joining!

Tanya Stephens, harpist