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About NINA

NINA aka Nina Boldt has released 2 LPs, various EPs, toured worldwide and collaborated with various artists such as Erasure, Kim Wilde, Ricky Wilde, Richard X, Oscillian, and Radio Wolf.

Her 2018 debut album ‘Sleepwalking’ was praised by critics and embraced significantly by ‘Synthwave’ and ‘Retrowave’ aficionados, earning her the affectionate nickname “The Queen Of Synthwave”.

Her hit single ‘My Mistake’ was used for the Mercedes Benz TV advert across Europe and was also featured by Hugo Boss and Adidas, gaining her a spot in the Shazam Charts at #6.

In 2019, she was featured and interviewed in the synthwave documentary ‘The Rise Of The Synths’, narrated by legendary film director and composer John Carpenter.

Shortly after, NINA recorded 'I’ll Wait'. The song was created specially for the Horror film 'There's No Such Thing As Vampires'. This single leads the soundtrack, which features various illustrious synthwave artists.

In 2020, her second album 'Synthian' jumped to #1 on the Electronic Album Charts on iTunes in Canada. 'Synthian (The Remixes)' featured Pop singer Kim Wilde as a guest vocalist for a unique rock interpretation of NINA’s song 'The Wire’.

Her follow-up album 'Control' features samples from the Cliff Martinez 'Drive' film score (released by Lakeshore Records).

In 2021, Her musical and lyrical imagination led her into bold new sonic territory with her first single release as an independent artist: 'Carnival Night'. Wonderland Magazine called the song “…masterful…”. The single was produced by Radio Wolf, who is currently in the studio with NINA, as they work on new music.

In the summer of 2022, Chromatics and Glass Candy record producer Johnny Jewel released (through his label Italians Do It Better) a dark cover version of the J-Lo hit single “Waiting For Tonight”, performed by NINA and Kid Moxie. The label will also release a special EP by the two artists in 2023.

NINA released 'Scala Hearts with 80s songwriting veteran Ricky Wilde, who wrote hit singles such as “Kids In America” for his sister Kim Wilde in September 2023.

Musical instruments & styles


Vocals, Synthesizer


Electronic, Pop

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