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About Consu

I am a classically trained pianist from Milan, living in the UK since 1995.

I graduated in Music Recording in 2002 at Salford University, where I majored in Composition. I compose instrumental pieces, non-mainstream and commercial songs to be licensed to other artists or for use in sync. My music in piano led and encompasses elements of classical, fused with jazz cords and sometimes electronica, which makes a distinctive sound. My forte is composition, particularly top lining melodies, and harmonies.

In 2002, I entered the UK Songwriting Competition in the Jazz category, and was a finalist with ‘If I Remember’.
When I moved to Cornwall in 2006 to concentrate on writing music, I played solo at the Acorn Theatre, had my music aired on Pirate FM. Whilst living in Cornwall, I recorded my first EP ‘Bittersweet’, a selection of 6 acoustic piano driven songs, which was reviewed on the Bournemouth Daily Echo by Sarah Cartlidge, who wrote that my EP makes for ‘imaginative and atmospheric listening” (full review on my website).
When I moved to Dorset in 2008, I gigged at Solid Air and Chaplins in Bouremouth. I recorded ‘EP2’, which was reviewed by the same journalist, on the same newspaper, who wrote that in ‘EP2’ I am ‘completely at ease veering from edgy to soft and melodic in a heartbeat’ (full review on my website).
In 2011 I re-recorded ‘Almost Isn’t Good Enough’ with a fuller production, which was aired and very well received on BBC Radio Solent.

I am now focusing my music career on writing instrumentals for TV & film, and songs for commercial release. All my work is available for licensing, to be covered, remixed, re-worked to suit.

To move forward in my career, this year, I have joined the Ivor Academy of Composers and the MU to find collaborators that can complement my skills.
I am currently collaborating on a contemporary pop Christmas song, available for sync and to be licenced and covered from the end of April 2021.

I was signed to an independent publisher between 2011-2021. This was a non-investing and developing deal, which was not profitable to. I have ended that agreement and am now available to sign a writer publishing deal.

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Classical, Rock/Pop original, World

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