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9 Tips for Successful Audition

If you’re facing your first audition we’ve got some useful tips for you.

Last updated: 25 March 2022

1. Research ensembles 

If you specialise in classical pieces, then there is obviously no sense in applying for a position in a contemporary group. 

2. Query the repertoire 

Ask what sort of repertoire they would like you to perform. If they send set pieces, learn them inside out so you perform at your best. 

3. Choose solid pieces 

The auditioners are listening to see if you will blend in, so if the choice of material is left up to you, pick a solid piece that you know very well. 

4. Dress smartly and comfortably 

Sort out your dress code: wear something that is stylish and flattering, but also comfortable to wear while playing your instrument. 

5. Keep breathing 

Relaxation exercises, such as deep breathing and stretching, will get your energy flowing and could enhance your playing technique. 

6. Act confidently 

Speak clearly and confidently when asked questions. Even if you do not feel confident, act as though you are, and you will appear so. 

7. Focus on the music 

Concentrate on your playing and how much you love the piece. Get inside the music — do not analyse it, trust your body to take over. 

8. Glide past mistakes 

As with any performance, if you make a mistake, just smile and keep going as if nothing untoward has happened. 

9. Be gracious 

When you are finished, thank the auditioner and accompanist. Manners and people skills are high on any employer’s checklist.