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What Parents are Looking For

It makes good business sense to understand what parents look for in music teachers.

Last updated: 20 January 2021

The parents’ perspective

  • They need a teacher who is reliable. They will use word-of-mouth when looking for a new music teacher for their child, and tend to rely on recommendations from friends.
  • They want someone who can fit in with their timetable, and that of their child. Finding a flexible teacher can sometimes be more important than finding a great teacher.
  • They need to be confident that their child will like their teacher, and enjoy their music lessons.
  • They need to know their child is in a safe environment.

How you can help

  • Parents like to know how you think their child is progressing; provide regular updates.
  • Hold little concerts for your students. It motivates children to perform and parents like to see you in action. You could invite prospective pupils to these.
  • Parents don’t often know where to buy instruments, or what to look for. Offer some guidance and advice.
  • Be mindful that parents can be shocked by hidden costs such as music stands and music books. Can you help them with any advice, or by negotiating deals with a local music shop?


  • Parents often find new teachers by word-of-mouth.
  • Be a responsive teacher; understand the needs of the parents and give advice.
  • Communicate with parents regularly – use the MU Practice Diary to show progress and keep parents informed.
  • Find ways to meet the parents, e.g. attend or organise regular concerts.
  • Be ready to offer parents guidance on buying instruments and other music items.
  • More guidance for parents on finding a good music teacher on Music Teachers website