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11 Days Until COP26 Global Day of Action

Protests are being planned across the world in a Global Day of Action to highlight the climate crisis, as the 2021 United Nations Climate Conference (COP26) kicks off in Glasgow. This includes local actions, as well as the larger protests with Trade Union and worker blocs.

Published: 26 October 2021 | 12:08 PM
Huge crowd of climate protestors with placards march through central London
We urgently need action that reduces carbon emissions while protecting and creating good, green jobs and a more equal society. Photo credit: Shutterstock

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) will be running in Glasgow from Sunday 31 October through to Friday 12 November, with world leaders coming together to decide our future.

The global climate emergency is here and now, already exacerbating natural disasters and human inequalities and will shape the coming years. We urgently need action that reduces carbon emissions while protecting and creating good, green jobs and a more equal society.

We previously published details on the major demonstrations that will be taking place on Saturday 6 November in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Glasgow and Norwich.

Find an action near you

We’d like to alert members living outside of these areas to actions taking place locally across the UK and the rest of the world, alongside the larger demonstrations.

Visit the COP26 Coalition’s website for details on local hubs and the actions that they’re planning for Saturday 6 November.

Where the major demonstrations are taking place

Meeting points for demonstrations for Saturday 6 November planned so far include:

  • London: 11:00 am at Finsbury Circus Gardens (EC2M 7DT)
  • Birmingham*: 11:30 am at Eastside City Park (B4 7AP)
  • Bristol: 12:00 pm at the Statue of Queen Victoria on the College Green (BS1 5SP)
  • Cardiff: 12:00 pm on the green in front of City Hall, by Brodies Coffee (CF10 3NP)
  • Nottingham*: 1:00 pm at The Homemade Cafe (NG5 2BU)
  • Sheffield: 12:00 pm on Division Street, with the exact location TBC (S1 4GF)
  • Manchester: 11:30 am in Piccadilly Gardens (M60 1AY)
  • Glasgow: 11:30 am in Kelvingrove Park by the skatepark (G3 7SE)
  • Norwich: 01:00 pm outside the City Hall (NR2 1NH)

*Members planning to attend in the Midlands are encouraged to get in touch to join the already planned groupings, by emailing

For the most up to date information on demonstrations being held across the UK, see We Make Tomorrow’s website.

Other ways to take action

We are encouraging members to build and mobilise for the union bloc in the following ways:

This could be the biggest trade union climate mobilisation to date, putting our unions and workers at the heart of the fight for climate justice.

Find out more about the COP26 Coalition Trade Union Caucus on We Make Tomorrow’s website.

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