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Protect Government Funding for the Arts in Higher Education

Stop Government’s 50% funding cut to residual funding for arts subjects at the Higher Education level.

£102bn* value of creative industries to the UK economy
£5.8bn * value of music to the UK economy
£13m* how much creative industries contribute every hour

The Government is planning to impose a 50% funding cut to arts subjects at HE level in England. Email your MP to protect it.

* Source: UK Music and DCMS

The MU view on common claims about HE funding

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Moves like this won’t make the arts disappear. The wealthy will still have private music, drama, dance lessons, private schools will still teach the arts. All this does is make the arts an exclusive club, performed by, and for, the privileged. It is an elitist move.

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An absolute national disgrace and yet another gut punch from this generation to the next. Embarrassing

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This is horrific and is only going to make it harder to achieve equality of opportunity. To read that music is not ‘among its strategic priorities’ is absolutely sickening. When will they see that the arts are integral to our society? #WeAreViable

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Musicians, your voices are more important than ever. Please help @WeAreTheMU show how strongly we disagree with @BorisJohnson proposals. These proposed cuts are catastrophic. @IvorsAcademy

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Levelling arts education cuts to a despotic & profoundly unequal arts industry isn't an excuse. Arts are good for us: for our minds, for expressing ourselves, for community, for making our engagement the world richer & more meaningful. Good tips by @WeAreTheMU on fighting this

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Please take the time to respond to this- they haven’t given us long to do it. Without training people to a high level we will have no future educators for these subjects. Imagine schools with no music/drama/arts dept-the key things private schools show in their prospectus...

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Orchestras and arts organisations are working SO hard to be more diverse and accessible to EVERYONE, no matter what their background. This will undo everything. What are they thinking?😡 The arts will be the domain of the rich/ those with arty parents if this is allowed to happen

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I studied Music & Music Tech at college and Sound Technology at University. I did not pursue a career in the music industry, but the skills I learned - creative & critical thinking, problem solving, working collaboratively - are all things I use every day in my job.

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Learning to play an instrument has educational benefits beyond music. Enhanced memory and organisational skills, increased attention span and emotional confidence/intelligence. We all know this. Levelling up eh?

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They want a nation of unfeeling robots to control. Einstein himself said "I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music." The arts and music give us the vocabulary to find our best selves and poetry in the elegant universe. Music is our soul dancing. Fight this.

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4BR talks to the MU's Chris Walters, the National Organiser for Education & Health and Wellbeing, to discuss the recent government proposals to reduce higher education funding for music. 

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