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Template Letter to MP

Ask your MP to make your voice heard in Parliament. Use our template letter to get started. Include how you are affected too – personal stories make all the difference.

Last updated: 12 January 2021

Use this example text

Dear [Find out how your MP is via Parliament UK or Write to Them],

Please call on Government to invest in musicians – and protect the future of our £5.8bn music industry in the UK.

We are a highly skilled, entrepreneurial, community-minded workforce.

We invest a huge amount of time and money in our careers – in training, buying instruments and equipment and practising for many hours a day.

But many of us are not in a position to ride out the pandemic because our sector is mostly freelance and low paid.

Our jobs are viable. But by the time it is safe enough to get back to work and make a living, we will lose many musicians. The UK music industry can't afford to lose that much talent.

Government must invest in musicians so that we can continue to make music during the pandemic and bounce back as the industry gets back on its feet. With the right support, we can keep doing what we do best as the beating heart of an industry worth £5.8bn to the UK economy.

[Use this space to share your personal story. Explaining how this is affecting you, and will affect you in the weeks to come, is more likely to result in a response or action]

According to Musicians’ Union research:

  • 70% musicians are unable to undertake more than a quarter of their usual work
  • 65% are facing financial hardship right now
  • 36% do not have any work at all
  • 47% have been forced to look for work outside them music industry, and
  • 34% are considering abandoning their career in music, while 37% are not sure.

Can you put pressure on the Government to invest in musicians by:

  • Ensure the Self Employment Income Support Scheme continues to run alongside the furlough scheme
  • Increase the next round of SEISS so that it provides the same level of support as furlough, and plug the gaps
  • Waive the January 2021 tax bill for those who have fallen through the gaps in support
  • Get workplaces open safely and viably with a Seat Out to Help Out Scheme as soon as it’s safe to do so
  • Make increased project funding available for individuals through the Arts Councils, Creative Scotland and PRS Foundation so musicians can continue to write, record, rehearse, practice during this crisis and return to music post-pandemic
  • Provide individual investment in musicians and other freelancers in England through the Cultural Recovery Fund – so that they have an equal level of support as those in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

You can contact the Musicians’ Union directly for briefings and more information about how you can support musicians in your constituency, and across the UK via

Yours sincerely,

[Add your name and full address including postcode]


Ready to make your voice heard in Parliament?

You can find your MP’s email address on the Parliament website.

You can still write to your MP if you’re a British citizen living abroad, and if you have no fixed address.


Government Must Act to Protect the Future of Music

Call on Government to invest in musicians at the heart of our £5.8bn industry. No-one should be left behind by Government support.

Government Must Act to Protect the Future of Music