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Template Letter to MLA

Write to your MLAs using our template letter below. Remember to include how you are affected by the coronavirus pandemic – personal stories make all the difference.

Last updated: 14 December 2020

Use this example text

I am writing to express my concerns about the Executive’s approach to music and live performance.

Music is a crucial part of the creative economy in Northern Ireland. Live music is worth £70m in GVA and generates £8m in music tourism. This has all been put on hold by Covid-19.

Musicians’ Union research reveals that:

  • 33% musicians fall through gaps in Government support schemes
  • 87% will be earning less than £20,000 this year
  • 70% are unable to take more than a quarter of their usual work
  • 65% are already facing financial hardship
  • 47% have been forced to seek work outside of the music industry
  • 36% do not have any work at all

As a result, 34% musicians are considering leaving the industry, with 37% not sure about their futures.

Westminster will only support musicians to the tune of 20% of their trading profits. We are still waiting to find out how the Executive’s £29m for arts, culture and heritage will support musicians and freelancers.

Please raise these issues in the Assembly, and put pressure on the Executive to support the music industry and the musicians who make it.

You can contact the Musicians’ Union directly for briefings and more information about how you can support musicians in your constituency and across Northern Ireland.

Ready to make your voice heard?

You can find your MLAs’ email addresses via the Northern Ireland Assembly.


Government Must Act to Protect the Future of Music

Call on Government to invest in musicians at the heart of our £5.8bn industry. No-one should be left behind by Government support.

Government Must Act to Protect the Future of Music