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Invest in Musicians: Your Achievements So Far

What your actions have achieved so far for musicians in the UK surviving through the Covid-19 crisis.

Lobbying on behalf of self-employed musicians

Government relief for the self-employed

In March, the Government announced a financial relief package for the self-employed, following weeks of MU lobbying MPs and Ministers, publicising the dire situation for musicians, and members taking action across the country.

This falls in line with one of our key asks at the start of the crisis: “Implement a Universal Basic Income of £400 per week for the self-employed (which equates to the living wage) OR, as in Norway, pay them 80% of their average income over the past three years.”

Thanks to every member who filled in our first and second Covid-19 Impact Polls and wrote to their MP.

Extending the SEISS

The original Self Employment Income Support Scheme lasted only three months.

It’s thanks to lobbying from freelancers like you and organisations like the MU that this was extended to October.

We didn’t get everything we want – the SEISS was reduced, and Government did nothing to close the gaps in support. But we’re still fighting to make your voice heard on this at the heart of Government.

MPs pushing to close the gaps in Parliament

MPs across the House of Commons have been fighting to ensure no-one is left behind by Government support. The issue of those excluded from the SEISS has been raised time and time again – that is thanks to everyone who’s contacted their MPs with their stories.

Raising over £70,000 for musicians in hardship

The MU Coronavirus Hardship Fund has raised over £70,000 to help musicians in financial hardship as a result of Covid-19. We’re grateful for every fundraising event, every gig, and every contribution from musicians and fans. 

Find out more and donate via Crowdfunder. 

Find out more and donate via the National Fundraising Scheme.