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General Secretary Proposal Form

Updated: 04 January 2022 | 10:17 AM

Download to print the Official Proposal form to prospose or second a candidate for the General Secretary Election 2022 nomination. The Proposal form is also available with the Musician Winter 2021 edition in print.


How to complete and submit the Proposal form

Each candidate for a region’s nomination must be proposed and seconded by eligible members of that region, using the official proposal form.

Once completed, each proposal form should be scanned or photographed so that all details are clearly legible. The resulting electronic file should be emailed to the following addresses by the respective deadlines set out below, in order to allow checking of eligibility before each online Regional Nomination Meeting takes place:

The candidate must sign the declaration on the official proposal form prior to its submission confirming that they consent to be nominated, and that if elected, they agree to serve on such terms as the EC may require.