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Attempt to Stop a ‘No Deal’ Brexit Supported by the MU

Staying in the European Union is still the best option for musicians. The MU supports Parliament’s attempts to stop a ‘No Deal’ Brexit, and calls for a People’s Vote.

Photograph of miniature placard at a march reading
The MU will oppose any Brexit which removes freedom of movement for musicians

As the trade union for musicians in the UK, we have over 31,000 members. Many of them work in the EU, and rely on that income to survive.

Some members, like Anneke, make their living working in the EU as freelance players. Others rely on the ability to tour in 27 other countries to build their fanbases, sell tickets and merch, and grow their careers.

The same holds for musicians who work for orchestras and theatre producers on touring productions. Without clarity, the business of touring could be irrevocably damaged.

Musicians need to know if they can fulfil their work commitments in the EU on 1 November. Their jobs are on the line.

Impact of ‘No Deal’

Any ‘No Deal’ Brexit could do significant damage overnight. And it will take a long time to recover. Music is a low paid profession; the impact of losing work and paying for visas and carnets is huge when your margins are small.

Not only does a ‘No Deal’ Brexit threaten musicians’ livelihoods, it also threatens the cultural fabric of the UK:

  • Young talent will struggle to grow
  • Orchestras will struggle to cover the costs of touring
  • Working musicians will have fewer opportunities

We must prevent a ‘No Deal’ Brexit, and ensure that musicians can continue working in the EU post-Brexit.

Take action now

We’re grateful to all the 120+ MPs, MEPs and Peers who have pledged to do all they can to protect musicians working in the EU, and encourage any who would like to sign up to contact us.

Visit our Brexit Guidance hub for our latest advice and updates on Brexit for musicians.

Published: 04/09/2019

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