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Be Sure Your Voice is Heard: Register to Vote

A general election is coming. With Brexit still looming on the horizon, it is more important than ever that your voice is heard.

Photograph of Royal Mail postbox
If you are likely to be working, on tour, or somewhere that could become inaccessible in bad weather, please consider registering for a postal vote. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Make sure you register to vote.

If you are likely to be working, on tour, or somewhere that could become inaccessible in bad weather, please consider registering for a postal vote. You will need to fill in a form and return it to your electoral registration office. Find out more and apply via the Electoral Commission website.

Make it count

People standing to be MPs want you to vote for them – which makes it a perfect time to talk to your MP about what you want.

Ask your candidates:

  • Do they support staying in the EU?
  • If we have to leave, will they support the Musicians’ Passport?
  • Do they commit to supporting musicians, if they are elected to Parliament?

You can ask the questions on social media, in a letter, email, or in person at an event or if they knock on your door.

Let us know what they say on Twitter and Instagram @WeAreTheMU or via press@theMU.org

If you want to write a more detailed email, you can use the copy about the dangers of Brexit and the Musicians’ Passport below.

The Dangers of Brexit for Musicians

Most musicians rely on performing and touring in the European Union to make a living. Brexit would end that, potentially overnight.

Some members, like Anneke, make their living working in the EU as freelance players. She needs to cross borders on a daily basis, often with very little notice.

Others rely on the ability to tour in 27 other countries to build their fanbases, sell tickets and merch, and grow their careers. They will visit multiple countries, crossing borders every day or few days. They often visit the same country more than once, and they will travel with the instruments and equipment they need to do their job.

The same is true for musicians who work for orchestras and theatre producers on touring productions.

If musicians have to apply for visas and carnets with administrative and financial cost, the business of touring could be irrevocably damaged. And that’s before we even get into conversations about selling and paying tax on merchandise, and what is happening with VAT.

The Musicians’ Passport

Staying in the European Union is still the best option for musicians. But if the UK has to leave, then we need to make sure the terms and conditions work for musicians working in the EU.

We need an EU-wide touring visa for musicians working in the EU post-Brexit.

This Musicians’ Passport must:

  • Last a minimum of two years
  • Be free or cheap
  • Cover all EU member states
  • Get rid of the need for carnets and other permits
  • Cover road crew, technicians and other staff necessary for musicians to do their job

Sign the petition now to show your support.

Published: 29/10/2019

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