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New ITV Session Rates

New rates for ITV recording sessions will come into force from 1st January 2019, as follows.

New rates for ITV recording sessions will come into force from 1st January 2019, as follows:

Basic recording fees

Type Fee Overtime
Basic 3 hour session £197.00 £35.25 per 15 mins
4 out of 5' hour session £212.00 £28.00 per 15 mins

Recording for programmes that are not for full network broadcast may be paid at a discounted rate.

Combined Use Recording Fees

Scale Fee per hour Minimum Fee Overtime (per 15 mins)
1 £112.00 £224.00 £28.00
2 £84.00 £168.00 £21.00
3 £75.00 £225.00 £18.75

Additional Fees

Type Fee per 3-hour session Fee Per additional hour
Doubling £16.00 £5.00
Trebling £32.00 £10.00
Overdubbing Plus 125% of session fee per overdub


Category A Category B Category C Category D
£23.00 £16.00 (cap £32.00) £11.00 By Negotiation

General Rates

The above rates are the first in a series of increases, totalling 9%, due to take place over the next 3 years, as follows:

  • Jan-Jun 2019: 3% increase on previous agreement (as set out above)
  • Jul-Dec 2019: further 3% increase
  • Jan-Dec 2020: further 1.5% increase
  • Jan-Dec 2021: further 1.5% increase

Note: All resulting uplifted figures will be rounded to the nearest £1 (i.e. £1.49 rounded down to £1, £1.50 rounded up to £2)

Removal of “off-peak” rates

All rates which have peak / off peak alternatives under the existing agreement, will move to a single rate based on the peak rate + primary use fee supplement, subject to the above increases.

(Note: Off peak was originally introduced, as a lower alternative to the peak rate + primary use fee, in order to encourage additional musician employment on daytime shows with low budgets. This hasn’t been successful. Removal of the off-peak rates will increase payments for any musicians who are booked to appear on daytime shows, and considerably simplify the agreement.)

Double rate increase on rehearsal fees

Rates for “Rehearsal on same day as another session”, “Standalone Rehearsal” and “2 ½ hour break supplement” from Clause 5 (i) to be subject to increase at double the general rate increase, i.e:

  • Year 1 (1st 6 months): 6%
  • Year 1 (2nd 6 months): 6%
  • Year 2: 3%
  • Year 3: 3%

This is in order to try to bring ITV rehearsal rates, which have been particularly low, into line with those in the MU’s other media agreements.

Amendment to “Doubling Fees” (Clause 20(i))

Currently “Doubling” is covered by a single fixed fee, regardless of the length of the session a musician is engaged for. The Doubling Fee clause is to be amended to indicate that the fee only applies to sessions up to 3 hours in length, with a separate additional fee (equal to 1/3rd of the 3-hour fee) payable, per hour or part thereof, beyond the first 3 hours.

No increase on extract re-use fees

In return for the double uplift on rehearsal rates and the amendment to the “Doubling Fees” clause, the MU agrees to no increase in the following rates for the period of this agreement:

  • Extracts - Religious and Educational - Clause 22 (ii)
  • Extracts - Regional – Clause 22 (ii)
  • Extracts - Other programmes (background) – Clause 22 (ii)
  • Extracts - Other programmes (featured) – Clause 22 (ii)
  • Extracts - High content use – Clause 22 (v)

If you require any further information, please contact phil.kear@theMU.org or 020 7840 5557

Published: 21/12/2018

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