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Heart Unions Week: “I've been a member of the MU for 10 years”

To celebrate Heart Unions Week, we asked MU members what the Union means to them. Share the love using the hashtag #HeartUnions


This Heart Unions Week , Laura Kidd aka She Makes War shares her thoughts on what the Musicians’ Union means to her…


Laura Kidd Quote in Graphic form

“I've been a member of the MU for 10 years and in that time have felt empowered by the knowledge that I'm not alone.

“As an independent recording artist and session musician I've gone to the Union for legal assistance on numerous occasions, and have always been impressed staff are able to give my issues a proper amount of time and consideration.

“They must be extremely busy but the services they're able to offer are invaluable.”

Feeling inspired?

Ask your friends and colleagues if they are a member of their Union!

You can also share the love in other ways this Heart Unions Week:

  • Tweet us at @WeAreTheMU about how the MU has helped you. Use the hashtag #HeartUnions. 
  • Share a selfie with the Heart Unions poster using the hashtag #HeartUnions.
  • Be sure your voice is heard. There lots of ways to get active in the MU from attending events to joining one of the MU’s many committees and taking part in the Union’s democracy. Find out what you can do, starting now.  

You can also attend one of the many events across England and Wales. Find out more.

Published: 13/02/2017

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