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International Federation of Musicians (FIM) Launches Tool to Check Airlines’ Instrument Policies

Use International Federation of Musicians (FIM) new traffic light system for airlines to check airlines’ policies and attitudes towards musicians.

The International Federation of Musicians (FIM) has produced a new traffic light system for airlines, based on airlines’ policies and attitudes towards musicians. We would encourage all musicians to take a look at airlines’ ratings before making a booking.

Check an airline’s rating via FIM.

Dave Webster, Musicians’ Union (MU) National Organiser for Live Performance, says:

“We know that on some occasions, ground staff and cabin crew have been less aware of their employers’ policies than they should be. This will hopefully incentivise airlines to up their game and give musicians some peace of mind when booking to travel with their instruments.”

Benoît Machuel, FIM General Secretary says:

“We hope that FIM’s ranking tool will help professional musicians to select the companies that best answer their needs when they travel by air to perform abroad. We are grateful to the MU for its contribution to the development of this tool. Before the end of 2016, a jury will also award the first annual FIM prize honouring the 'musician-friendly company of the year'.”

Published: 01/09/2016

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