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Why I joined the MU: Nadine Wild-Palmer

Nadine Wild-Palmer shares how she found her voice, and how the Musicians' Union has supported her and her career.

Photo of Nadine Wild-Palmer
"Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Nadine Wild-Palmer and I am a singer- songwriter from London.

"I found my voice singing songs from ‘The Little Mermaid’ into the washing machine drum under the stairs of the house I grew up in aged six. Cramming my head into that small, dark, metallic drum, I could hear closely the nuance, tone, texture and power of my voice - and each breath. It was life changing.
"As musicians we discover so much of our work through experimenting, adapting and repeating phrases, riffs, motifs over-and-over again until suddenly, something clicks. Those that don’t, never get aired. But when the laborious process of development from the creation has culminated in the production of a piece of music: washing machine to microphone, where do you go next?  As many of you will know the completion of a song or composition can make you feel very vulnerable, a lot of energy has been expended, what if people don't like it? At these times when you've done so much behind the scenes "experimenting" the last thing you want feel is judged. And this is where we have to learn as artists, as performers and creators to have faith in our work and take it seriously...in steps the MU!
"As a singer-songwriter living and working in the modern world one of the most important things I have learnt is that it is essential for me to take my work seriously and that I value my work and the work of my contemporaries.
"Joining the MU was one of the ways in which I demonstrated to myself first, that I believed in my work. The MU provides a community and with it a sense of belonging as the chances are if you are working in the music industry, whether it's as a composer, a teacher or a performer at some point you will wind up working for yourself and on your own. It's at these times, when in other forms of employment, you might turn to the person on the computer next to you and bump heads, that the union has provided the support, information and more importantly the encouragement that I have so sorely needed. Need an education in taxes? The Musicians’ Union have a course on that! Need a contract looking over? The Musicians’ Union will give it the once over. Want to learn about equality and your rights? Oh look…the MU has a free event with industry professionals speaking at it next week!

"When all is said and done, whatever cliché you want to slap on it, for me what it comes down to is this: the MU has welcomed me with open arms in my hour of need and held me up when I needed people to believe in me. It has been an authority, a friend and a lawyer and I know there is so much more to come! It can be a tough old world out there but the MU will gladly raise a glass (and fill it) to your triumphs no matter how great or small. If you are serious enough to invest in your career, The MU is a great place to start!"
Nadine Wild-Palmer

About Nadine

Nadine Wild-Palmer is a professional London based singer-songwriter. Although she has been singing since she could speak, Nadine began her full-time professional career as a singer by starring in MasterCard’s Priceless Surprises campaign at which time she was also picked as COMPANY Magazine’s performer of the week. Following on from these successes 2015 continued to be a flourishing year for Nadine who released her first solo EP – Precipice – in December 2015, and moved on to her own Motown inspired album project finished in April 2016. Her EP is available for free download on Soundcloud.
Published: 20/10/2016

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