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Talk to your MP about the Trade Union Bill & your rights as a musician

We are fighting the draconian Trade Union Bill, and we need your support.

The Tories are putting a bill through Parliament which is anti-trade unions, called the Trade Union Bill.

This bill, if passed, will:

  • limit your ability to take strike action
  • it costs us money
  • limit your power by curtailing our ability to negotiate with employers on your behalf

The real purpose of the bill is to deny you the right to be in a union, so you can’t be represented and you can’t defend your rights as Government makes cuts to public services that directly impact your life and work opportunities.

Bad employers will love the Trade Union Bill – they will be able to continue making profits whilst our members on low pay, zero hours contracts and less than a real living wage pay the price.

We are fighting this bill, and we need your support

On Monday 2 November trade unionists from across the country will come together for a rally and lobby of Parliament.

We want you to come and talk to your MP about how the Trade Union Bill will impact you.

To get involved, please email maddy.radcliff@theMU.org

Published: 22/10/2015

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