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#YWM15: Starting out as a Freelance

Tips on how to get work and build relationships with the people you want to work with.

Last week, we looked at the MU’s recommended rates and how they work. Now we’re taking a step back from that and looking not at pay, but how to get work in the first place.

Where can I meet like-minded people? There are lots of places to meet peers. The FEU Training events are special because there you can meet and work with actors, musicians and writers. Cross discipline collaborations have been born at our workshops, when people have met, shared ideas, and identified ways to combine their skills and interests.

Your Union meetings and events are a great way to connect with people who share your passion. Who will have a wealth of knowledge and experience. There really aren’t many new problems out there, whatever you are worried about, other people will have solved. Find out how they did it, till you find a method you are happy to apply.

Use your creativity to find ways to link with other like-minded individuals. Create groups on Facebook, or whatever platform you prefer to work with. Keep up with people you trained with, or that you’ve met along the way. Make sure that this is a two way process. As well as looking for support, know that what you have learned, and what you do easily, will also be useful to others in the group.

Broaden your horizons. You can find a range of straightforward e-courses at our digital learning centre from an overview of the business skills you’ll need to support your creative career to financial management. All you have to do is register on the website if you haven’t done so already. You’ll also find a range of quick tips including networking and confidence building.

This is an edited version of ‘Starting out as a creative freelance?’ by Muriel McClymont, which originally appeared on the FEU Training blog in July 2015.

Published: 23/11/2015

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