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Insight Presentations: Playlisting Strategies

Sammy Andrews considers playlists and playlisting strategies to get your music out there.

Sammy Andrews, Head of Digital at Cooking Vinyl, spoke at the Music Futures Insight Presentations, sponsored by the MU and hosted by Generator. Here’s what she had to say…

Spoken word. Talking playlists are a great way for artists to showcase their inspiration and influences, and they can also be used to break bands. Cooking Vinyl was the first to use talking playlists to promote their artists, and they launched this with exclusive commentary from Billy Bragg. 

Thematic content and concepts. The themed playlist is a huge phenomenon that has grown out of streaming, and it represents a new revenue source. ‘Sleep’ playlists are massively popular globally, and Ed Sheeran is one of the most popular artists across this category. Playlists for children are increasingly popular and U.S labels are now signing music specifically for the kids’ market. Genre playlists are still thriving.

‘Death of the album’? No. There are just new ways of listening to and consuming music.

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Published: 19/11/2015

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