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Insight Presentations: Artist Branding

Artist branding tips from Mr. Scruff manager Gary McClarnan.

Mr. Scruff manager Gary McClarnan looked at artist branding at the Music Futures Insight Presentations, sponsored by the MU and hosted by Generator. Here’s what he had to say…

The goal. The goal was to create and manage a sustainable career for Mr. Scruff that allowed him to remain authentic and real. The journey taken to achieve this has involved creating fun products in association with his musical identity.

Partnerships and profile. Madonna name-checked Mr. Scruff in an interview in Mixmag, and most interviews since then have referenced the Madonna quote – Mr. Scruff is okay with this. Mr. Scruff turned down an opportunity to work with Louis Vuitton but accepted a job with B & Q. Gary told the audience, “the deal-breaker was a shed”.

Branding. Record sales and press coverage allowed them to start creating artefacts like aprons, mugs, and tea-related items with instructions on how to make a proper brew. The artwork and cartoon narrative was created by Mr. Scruff, using his skills as a Fine Arts graduate. Although for Mr. Scruff the use of branding to sell merchandise has been incredibly successful, it can be difficult for artists without gravitas and connections to achieve the same.

Authenticity and creative thinking are key. Want to know more? Take a look at our advice on promoting your work and FEU Training’s tips on building your brand. Or, get in touch for advice about any aspect of your career.

Published: 24/11/2015

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