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Change to the Planning Guidance for Noise recognises Music Venues

The MU have been made aware that on Christmas Eve 2014 a change was introduced to the planning guidance that recognises the existence of music venues.

This states:

'The potential effect of a new residential development being located close to an existing business that gives rise to noise should be carefully considered. This is because existing noise levels from the business even if intermittent (for example, a live music venue) may be regarded as unacceptable by the new residents and subject to enforcement action. To help avoid such instances, appropriate mitigation should be considered, including optimising the sound insulation provided by the new development’s building envelope'.

This is good news and comes about as a result of work undertaken by the supporters of live music in the UK and whilst does not necessarily mean that venues are free from the threat of developers and residents, it does mean that their importance and significance as viable businesses should be considered by the person applying for planning.

If you run a venue and are under threat the full text is available here:

Published: 21/01/2015

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