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Copyright in Education

Staying on the right side of the law

On this page you will find information about:

  • Teaching and staying within copyright law
  • Photocopying and the Copyright Licensing Agency
  • Links to further information

Teaching music and staying within copyright law remains a challenge.

With students using the web as a resource for often illegal transcriptions and tablature, many teachers face a dilemma when asked by a pupil to teach them a favourite piece.

As a music educator, it’s your job to educate your pupils in all aspects of music, including copyright. Downloading illegal music in whatever format is simply wrong.

Diane Widdison, National Organiser, Education & Training

Points to consider:

  • If (given the case that) a license can be obtained for the use of a copyright protected work, then you need to acquire it or it will otherwise be an infringement of the law.
  • Before photocopying a work check if you need a license from the Copyright Licensing Agency (see Toolkit page below)
  • Ask your students to buy their own music books, if possible
  • You may consider writing your own material.

Teachers' Toolkit

Copyright: arranging and samples (PDF 353.17 bytes file opens in new window)

What is copyright? (PDF 354.11 bytes file opens in new window)